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Yin Sexuality Online Group Journey
An exploration of Restorative Eros


Join an intimate group journey with other women on the same path as you. Learn and deepen your experience of pleasure and arousal through the relaxation doorway.

The seven-week program supports you in activating the full range of your sexual essence.


Most of us are familiar with the yang aspects of sex and let's face it, that side of sex can be great, exciting, full of passion and intensity - most of us know that side of sex well.

This journey however supports the blooming of a different realm of sexuality, the restorative yin side, because this side of sex for many in comparison is largely unchartered territory.

We'll take the time to delve into YIN magic and its POWER, becoming more attuned to the subtle and vast landscape of pleasure and awakening that can happen there. We'll learn about down-regulation and the expansive bliss states that are available to us in this realm.


We'll let go of the linear approach to sex for now, exploring instead the cyclical, relaxed arousal and riding the waves, which is nourishing and restorative, as well as blissful, ecstatic and potentially otherworldly .

We look at seven primary themes that awaken us to this realm of Restorative Eros and Yin Sexuality. This way of being with our sexuality supports us to be in more connection with the subtle queues in our behaviour and bodies, connects us to our hearts and opens us more deeply into the feminine aspect of our sexual nature.


We'll journey through the themes of

  •  Relaxation and emotional safety

  •  Melting, and softening as a doorway into arousal

  •  Deepening awareness to the subtle - down-regulated bliss states

  •  Awakening the inner realms of the yoni

  •  Connecting to the cyclical nature of our life-force - honouring the Yin   and Yang forces.

  •  We'll look at what can get in the way of exploring this territory getting to know our nervous systems, conditioning, habits, and patterns in sex and intimacy then re-wire ourselves to create more of what we want!

  •  We'll develop powerful solo sex practices that will empower and infuse your love-making with others which in turn brings the sacred to sex and your intimate connections. 


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