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What is Yin Sexuality?

Yin sexuality is a style of sex that is particularly attuned to women’s bodies and the feminine arousal system, but really great for everybody. A toolset of simple practices that support you to relax deeply during sex and intimacy, and how to share sex from this place with one another.

Most of us learn sex through stimulation and excitement, Yin sexuality is about the pathway to arousal through relaxation and accessing deep and profound pleasure states when the nervous system is down-regulated and on the safe side of the nervous system (ie when we are super relaxed and feel safe).

It’s all about slowing down, re-awakening tenderness and subtle sensation, moving away from dynamic energy, ‘being with’ rather than ‘doing’, feeling the power in receptivity and being passive. Rather than 'doing' sex, we become immersed in the experience of relaxing into the body, sensations and pleasure and let sex do us.


Once we attune to the Yin energies within, we find the orgasmic waves that already exist within us. Once we soften and release tension, tightness and control we release what is masking our true nature, and so much more pleasure becomes available to us.

We learn about finding movement in the stillness, cooling the energy - think of yin as the water and yang as the fire, we need both yin and yang in our sexuality, both fire and water, the problem is most of us don’t know, or aren’t as experienced in the ‘Yin’ style of sex and intimacy.

Yin Sexuality takes it’s roots from some neo-tantric practice and also blends and mixes with the latest neurological science around sex and relating.

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