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I have never felt so open and vulnerable with another human being and yet so accepted. In my session with Ellie, I was able to heal a lot of shame and discover a deeper connection to myself and my sexuality


Working with Ellie was one of the most nurturing experiences I’ve been privileged to have during my lifetime of 59+ years. I felt deeply held and nourished with compassion, empathy, love, patience, respect, and reverence. I’m grateful for Ellie’s contribution towards my personal development and evolution


Working with Ellie has helped me to deepen my relationship, I learnt that the most important relationship I have is the one I have with myself and that affects all other relationships I have. I now feel a deeper connection to myself and am much more empowered in my whole life as well as my important relationships


Ellie, the work you do is so potent and profound. I’ve done a lot of work over the past 10 years and never experienced anything like it or been able to go so deep in my releasing before. You held such a safe and nurturing space for me to explore the deepest and darkest parts of myself and at the same time, love and embrace my inner goddess… for that, I have so much gratitude


Grounded, connected and alive is how I feel after a 3-day couples retreat with Ellie Wilde. 
My partner and I have had so many breakthroughs, so many laughs and have connected on such a deep and delicious level. 
Feeling so grateful for discovering Ellie. It’s the second retreat I have done with her this year, the first  of which was about connecting with our sexuality as a goddess that we are, and healing sexual wounds plus heaps more. 
With ages from early 20’s to mid 60’s in both retreats and people coming from all over NZ and Aus, her work is truly life-changing. she teaches with so much grace, humour and wisdom. I can not recommend her retreats enough! And I look forward to attending more of them 


Ellie has the skills , expertise and creative energy to hold a space that nurtures and engaged all my senses, body mind and soul. I’ve done a lot of personal development, and this rates with the most powerful at the same time as pleasurable.

Before the workshop, I experienced weeks of heaviness that I couldn’t get through, or hold space for, and no one in my life could help.  Thank you, Ellie, for this work, and all the women present. I have much more space in my being, a big weight has lifted, and I’m joyful again.

If you have the chance, I recommend that you do this work with Ellie.


The perfect space to be held in.  The workshop was fluid in order to meet each attendees needs, and was changed to facilitate everything that came up. An amazing experience  to connect with your wild woman essence.  A beautiful way to be cared for and nurtured on your own individual journey. Thank you for providing this unique opportunity to connect to my wild essence


Thank you so much for the opportunity to connect with and celebrate my wild woman. The experience has been incredibly liberating and a lot of fun! I’ve absolutely loved connecting and sharing the wild experience amongst sisters 


Thank you so much that was perfect. Being able to hear other women’s stories, and wisdom helped me gain a lot of clarity and feel more empowered to make difficult but necessary decisions

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