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Embrace your Inner Hag

In my work with women I see many who are peri-menopausal or post menopause. Finding the Yin side of your sexuality can be super powerful at any age, but it is often women in this phase in life to whom it resonates the most. Maybe its because the 'people pleasing' hormone of Oestrogen (that can 'sugar coat' things) is in decline, or simply there is enough life experience to know when something feels off and a curiosity for what else is possible? Maybe it attracts the menopausal woman because her body no longer is turned on by the usual routines that have developed during sex. Maybe its because menopause is a great unravelling and is a time when women often need support, although many suffer in silence.

Menopause can be a time in our lives as women when the inner badass bitch is trying to get our attention, helping us sort through what isn't aligned with us, what we have outgrown, or what parts of us need to die in order to make space for the new. Kind of like a PMT or Autumnal phase of our entire LIFE!

Phew that sounds intense, doesn't it.

But it needn't be with support.