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How does it work?

The female arousal system needs safety, trust and relaxation to truly flourish, blossom and activate. We can feel pleasure through stimulation and excitement, but if over time this is not balanced with forms of sex that are restorative and relaxing we become depleted and start to feel sex as a drain on our energy.

This is often when (particularly) women complain and feel sex has become habitual, a chore and just one more thing on her to do list.


By learning how to relax the body deeply, by using breath and sound this gently regulates the nervous system to its parasympathetic response, opening the senses, awakening all the peripheral nerves (ie the whole body), and inviting in more sensation and ultimately pleasure.


Unprocessed emotional material that is stored in the body can sequence through the nervous system, releasing tension and making more space for deep and profound pleasure states that activate those delicious chemicals in the brain that create connection, intimacy and relaxed arousal. 

There are a few ways to explore this journey:


  • On your own with me privately via 1:1 coaching sessions for full benefit explore my Yin Sexuality coaching package

  • With your partner and me privately via 1:1 coaching and my Yin Sexuality for Couples coaching package

  • Via an online Yin Sexuality group journey with other women this includes weekly zoom teaching calls, and online community

  • Self directed online coaching programs

  • In person events within New Zealand

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