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How can it help me?

The foundations of Yin Sexuality include: Rejuvenation, Restoration and Relaxation.


Benefits range from physical and biological things like lowering stress levels, balancing hormones, to emotional and relational benefits like deeper connection to oneself and or partner/lover, to energetic benefits of deeper connection to sensation, feeling and subtle energy. 

You may wish to explore Yin sexuality to:


  • Become receptive and soothe your entire nervous system by connecting to your feminine sexual essence

  • Release tension and therefore gain more energy, pleasure and vitality

  • Create space for more pleasure, more sensation, more beauty, embracing your vulnerability and seeing it as power

  • Restore connection to your felt experience and body - healing from numbness, trauma and disconnection

  • Learn about Authentic Desire and track ways you are performing during sex

  • Find more connection to yourself AND deepen the intimacy and connection in your relationship(s)

  • Gain powerful yet simple re-source tools to experience more bliss and exstacy 

  • Access more magnetism and the ability to attract what you WANT in life!

  • Open the senses, connect with nature AS part of nature

  • Experience a deep restoration of your nervous system, and an embodied ability to keep returning to a place of ease, safety, and security that fosters a sense of connection and relaxation

  • Become more sensitive to life energy within the subtle and the ecstasy within the stillness of sex

  • Develop an awesome daily practice, and/or partnered practice that re-wires your arousal system so you can effortlessly access pleasure states through relaxation

  • Create pathways within you to effortless, restorative, and replenishing sex

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