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It was through my journey with menopause and how that affected my sexuality that Yin Sexuality was born.

I was no longer able to feel excited or aroused by sex that felt hurried or disconnected or just about gratification.
By body was craving safe, connected sex, that was slower, and more sensual, I found that relaxation was a doorway into a deeper and more tender sexuality.

I had to learn to slow down and trust, to be vulnerable and ask for what I wanted (even when it felt like it wasn't really what my partner's preference was - I had no choice but to prioritise my own feelings, needs and desires.) Take up more space. Confront my issues around worthiness and voice my desires clearly and directly.

This is what I love to support other women and sometimes their partners with.

If this speaks to you reach out via my contact page for a
free 30 minute chat.


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