The Arousal of Love

A four-week online journey for lovers - (Bring a partner for this course - price is for 2 people)

What if instead of focussing on arousal during intimacy we focussed on relaxation?

Instead of trying to stimulate one another, we focussed on relaxing enough so the truth of the moment can be revealed?

What would it be like to be in an inquiry with your lover of what's true now.... and now... and now?

if we could let go of all expectations, agendas, and pressure to be any other way other than what we are?

How would that be?

If we could deconstruct the sexual experience to include all kinds of intimate experience and pleasure?

Think how many there are?


We need to expand sexuality to include the erotic -

The erotic is when we are fully immersed in the experience, whatever it is.

When we are present, asking ourselves what is true now... and now... and now.... When we participate fully into the experience and bring forth this yearning force of being that lives within us.. and to realize our interconnectedness. Each person, each experience a mirror of something within ourselves - this frees us actually to take responsibility for our erotic needs, to lift the erotic out of only being about something sexual and expand it out to include all of the earthly experience we can have as a human. This transforms our erotic and intimate lives and improves our general sense of well-being.

Think of the possibilities if we just let go into our imagination and play, curiosity and unspoken desire.

“If you didn’t have any expectation from society, from your partner, or from yourself about how to have sex,

How would it look?”

If we even let go of the idea that it has to include genitals or penetrative sex.

We tend to be so goal-orientated, what if the only goal was to be in the truth of the moment and lead from there?

This opens a doorway into the Arousal of Love, a journey of deeper intimacy into what is, an unraveling from patterns of intimacy that aren't enlivening us, creating new doorways into loving, intimate connection.

Join me for a series of 4 rituals for lovers to journey into the unknown to leave behind the known pathways and explore new ways of being with one another.

During this 4 week journey you will:
* learn how to create synergy and coherence through your bodies together
* connect more deeply to the love that lives within you
* become more intimate with yourself and be able to express your desires
*break habits and patterns in intimacy and sex that are keeping you stuck or limited
* expand your experience of down-regulated pleasure states 

*explore, connect and deepen intimacy

*receive guided audio journeys to continue the exploration after the course.




This is a poem I wrote after exploring this exact journey I will take you through:

Who knows what will open up for you? Would you like to find out?



I want sensuality

I want hours of touch that don’t involve trying to turn me on

I want sensuality

I want delicious, tender, slow, meandering sensuality

I want my tastebuds to be tingling 

Tantalized by your touch

I want to selfishly take up all the space, ALL the space

It’s not your fault…. I just spent so long convincing myself that other peoples desires were mine too

I want deep delicious sensuality

I want to be enveloped in it

Cocooned and soothed 

My fur smoothed back in all the right directions

All over my body

Until I’m purring

I want every tiny corner of my body to be blessed 

Worshipped by touch

Except for my yoni

This crowning jewel

Will open surrender and release all her fragrance 

Simply with this arousal of love