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Practitioner Mentorship

Are you a practitioner and are curious about how trauma-resolution, can help you work more confidently and effectively with clients?


Maybe you know your offerings could be more trauma informed?


I'd love to support you as a coach/practitioner if:

  • you already guide and support people and want to grow as a guide for others.

  • You feel like something is missing in your practice/offerings

  • You're ready to transform some of your own embodied emergency responses - and begin to approach your practice from a more resourced place.

  • You have the time and the resources and can commit to a 10 weeks x 1hr session per week and have access to stable internet connection 

What you'll get :

  • 1;1 mentoring for 10 weeks via zoom.

  • Foundational tools to integrate into your practice that facilitate post traumatic growth (both in you and your clients)

  • A space free of judgment, unsolicited advice. A space that's invitational, co-creative, supportive and compassionate.

  • Supportive written resources to refer back to in your own time.

My own business started out coaching clients in the areas of sexuality and relationship and I have now begun to expand out, supporting clients in all areas of their lives.


If you would like to feel supported and well re-sourced in your practice, if you want to learn the foundational tools for post traumatic growth - reach out:


I have 3 spots open for practitioners only and am also offering these for a limited time only at a super doable price bracket of

$999USD or $1500NZD

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