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1:1 Trauma Alchemy Sessions

Healing and growth can feel easeful. It might be hard but it can also feel doable and regenerative.

Part of what we’re doing in somatic trauma resolution is adding presence, compassion and layers of non-invasive support to someone whose tolerance to be able to effectively deal with life situations has become smaller or more narrow. We’re not trying to change what’s arising at the nervous system level, but rather make space to witness the embodied patterns so that in their own timing they can unwind and transform.



This is deep powerful work that works best when:


You are committed to your journey of growth and transformation and have time space and resources to do so.


You can show up to a regular appointment time, have good internet connection, preferably indoors or somewhere where you are able to be present and undisturbed.


Furthermore,  I get it when life is challenging we want answers and solutions …. now… or quickly at least to ease the problem, and that’s totally understandable.

However, giving yourself a period of time to grow, heal and develop resilience is necessary for this journey.


When we allow the time and space we receive the medicine needed to unhook us from emergency responses that didn’t have the time and space when they were created.


Give yourself the gift of spaciousness and if you feel like it is the right time for you, take advantage of my 10 session package which is offered at a reduced rate to make it more doable.


Sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly.


Let’s find out what best suits you and how we can co-create your healing and empowerment journey.

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