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Trauma Alchemy

How to become sexually empowered

I believe in a world that our hearts know is possible.

I believe in a world that cares about future generations.

I believe in a humanity that doesn’t prioritise the economy over our environment.

I believe in a movement that is happening globally where we are supporting one another to feel, to care, to act and to heal what’s kept us small, in fear, and worried for our own survival - wearing ourselves out in the machine of consumerism, competition, war and worry.


This new world is possible through the lens and awareness of post - traumatic growth.

It’s not only our land that needs to regenerate it is our hearts, minds and bodies too.


We are caught in a trauma spell, so used to it, that it feels normal

Trauma Alchemy is about adding layers of presence, compassion and non-invasive support to build more capacity, resilience and resource so that you can work with the embodied threat responses held in your physiology.

Rather than trying to change what's happening at a nervous system level we work with, and honour and respect the intelligence of the body, to make space to witness the embodied patterns so that in their own timing they can unwind and transform.


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