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Trauma Alchemy

How to become sexually empowered

I believe in a world that our hearts know is possible.

I believe in a world that cares about future generations.

I believe in a humanity that doesn’t prioritise the economy over our environment.

I believe in a movement that is happening globally where we are supporting one another to feel, to care, to act and to heal what’s kept us small, in fear, and worried for our own survival - wearing ourselves out in the machine of consumerism, competition, war and worry.


This new world is possible through the lens and awareness of post - traumatic growth.

It’s not only our land that needs to regenerate it is our hearts, minds and bodies too.


We are caught in a trauma spell, so used to it that it feels normal.


What if many of the things we struggle with are simply signs of being born into a culture  of mass dysregulation ?


WHAT IF most of us don’t actually know, or haven’t actually fully experienced what it feels like to (at a nervous system level) NOT perceive some kind of danger or threat, whether consciously or unconsciously.


What if the urgency to try to fix or change this has left us in a perpetual cycle of needing to grow, change, evolve, expand, transform and heal that is stemming from the same place of unease and keeping us in a loop of never-enoughness- whether that manifests as always trying to be more, do more or have more, or constantly feeling as though you aren’t enough, do enough, or have enough.


What if the most radical thing we can do - is to stop, breath, rest, allow and live?


To press pause on the having to reach elevated states, heal wounds, transform ourselves, manifest abundance, clear chakras, access deeper wisdom, clear ancestral trauma, activate our higher codes and frequencies, transcend our limitations, release all our grief/guilt/anger/unease, purge all the parts of us that aren’t good enough, worthy enough or have enough, or compete to be the best, stay on top, have the most, or be the most successful, accomplished, recognised.?


What if all of these things are maybe, sometimes, possibly stemming from an addictive cycle of fight or flight and our animal bodies way of trying to protect us from further hurt, trauma, failure and disappointment - rather than being born from a place of self-love wisdom and grounded-ness? Which is why it can feel so hard to try to change our behaviour - maybe our conscious mind knows but the body and nervous system has another story?


We can be healing, growing and evolving from a momentum of regulation*

Or we can be looping in dysregulation** and trying to escape from within a perpetual trauma spell.


If you are curious to find out more of how post traumatic growth can support you, your relationship, your family, your community or your work place then get in touch.

I offer 1;1 trauma alchemy sessions via zoom or in person, as well as mentorship for practitioners wanting to learn the foundations of post traumatic growth.You can book a free 30min chat to see if you'd like to take the journey and if we are a match for one another.


Momentum of regulation:

1. Organised sense of time and place

2. Ability to be in the moment

3. Can move fast or slow depending on what’s needed.

4. Accurate assessment of safety or danger

5. Accurate responsiveness to said danger - ie functional boundaries, right distance, self trust.

6. Digesting

7. Resting

8. Having energy

9. Capacity to focus and have coherent thoughts

10. Full range of emotions, sensations

11. Ability for nuance, complexity.


** Momentum of dysregulation:

1. Disorganized sense of time and place
2. Distractedness, inability to be present
3. Stuck in one speed, even when you want access to others
4. Over - reacting or under - reacting to a specific level of threat based on impulse

5. Over - boundaried or under - boundaried
6. Trouble digesting (food and emotions)
7. Trouble sleeping and waking
8. Fixation on what’s not okay or safe
9. Difficulty in coming down from challenging emotional situations

10. Inability to feel coherent and creative
11. Stuck in certain emotional or sensational states, without a feeling of choice

12. All-or-nothing absolute thinking

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