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What is Yin Sexuality

Yin sexuality is a style of sex that is particularly attuned to women’s bodies and the feminine arousal system.

It has it’s roots in neo-tantric practice and also blends and mixes with the latest neurological science around sex and relating.

Yin Sexuality
Yin Sexuality how does it work

The female arousal system needs safety, trust and relaxation to truly flourish, blossom and activate.

We can feel pleasure through stimulation and excitement, but if over time this is not balanced with forms of sex that are restorative we become depleted and start to feel sex as a drain on our energy.

how can it help me Yin Sexuality

The foundations of Yin Sexuality include: Rejuvenation, Restoration  and Relaxation.

Benefits range from physical and biological things like lowering stress levels, balancing hormones, to emotional and relational benefits like deeper connection to oneself and or partner/lover, to energetic benefits of deeper connection to sensation, feeling and subtle energy. 

I primarily work with women and their partners in the realm of relating and  intimacy. I support people to heal disconnection between each other or from their own body's wisdom.

I work with a combination of coaching and  teaching somatic tools that support the body and nervous system to unwind, releasing tension in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies, plus give you powerful practices to try at home. I work with you in a trauma informed way to help you clear up stuff that's confusing you, limiting you or keeping you disconnected, so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin, and empowered in sex, relating and intimacy. Somatic Therapy sessions are helpful if you are experiencing patterns in your relating and intimate lives that are keeping you stuck.

I'm also a bit of a geek when it comes to the science around relating, intimacy and connection, and so my work with people is informed by science and our understanding of this incredibly sensitive and intelligent thing we call our nervous system.

my approach Yin Sexuality
Ellie Wilde
Work with me Yin Sexuality

Yin Sexuality

Couples Coaching 


Yin Sexuality

Personal Coaching  


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Journey - Self Directed

Working with Ellie has helped me to deepen my relationship, I learnt that the most important relationship I have is the one I have with myself and that affects all other relationships I have. I now feel a deeper connection to myself and am much more empowered in my whole life as well as my important relationships

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